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MODELE PROFILE_phot0 1Productions de la Ruelle is an award-winning entertainment company based in Quebec, Canada. The company produces high quality documentary films and series for Historia, Global television, The Documentary Channel, CTV, Radio-Canada, Bravo, MusiMax, Télé-Québec, TV5 World, RDI, RTS, and Canal D. They also produce a wide variety of contents for web sites, transmedia experiences, exhibits, books and urban/street projections.

Founded in May 2002 by Guylaine Maroist and Eric Ruel, Productions de la Ruelle soon made its mark with the documentary Singing to Drown Out the Sea (Radio-Canada, Bravo). This first film garnered critical acclaim in Canada and France, and earned three nominations at the 2004 Gémeaux Awards Gala (Gemini Awards).


Building on this success, Maroist and Ruel produced the shock documentary Time Bombs / Bombes à retardement (Global, Canal D, TV5 World) which earned the prestigious Gold Ribbon Award for Best Documentary (2007) from the Canadian Association of Broadcasters.
Selected at the International Documentary Film Festival (RIDM) (2007), the Palm Beach International Film Festival (2008) and the RVCQ (2008), among others, this film spurred the Canadian government to announce a compensation package for atomic veterans and their families. It also won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the New York International Independent Film Festival in 2008.

In 2008, Productions de la Ruelle began producing high quality documentary series for partners like MusiMax and Historia. The first series was a captivating one called Les Wizz du showbizz (10 episodes), which was a big hit on MusiMax.

This series goes behind the scenes of the music industry, featuring high profile artisans facing a major career challenge. We become witnesses of their work; from the initial order to the delivery to picky customers like Celine Dion, Lost Fingers, We Are Wolves…

In 2008 Productions de la ruelle developed the series J’ai la mémoire qui tourne. In the fall of 2009, the creative team released the first season on Historia. Instant hit! Eight more episodes are immediately ordered by the broadcaster.

Created from crowd-sourced home movies, the series rapidly became a favorite among Quebec viewers. This twelve-part series featuring iconic celebrities and never seen before footage was also instantly adopted by a large group of followers on social media. J’ai la memoire qui Tourne has become an example used worldwide for creating traditional and digital content with the participation of the public.

With partners Turbulent Media, Historia, and the Bell Fund, Productions de la Ruelle created a vast website featuring close to 10,000 home movies and 80 original webisodes, along with hundreds of articles and personal accounts by Quebec celebrities.

Productions de la Ruelle also developed an educational section for elementary and high school students and teachers, which got a nod from Japan’s national public broadcaster (NHK) and was nominated in the youth category of the Japan Prize International Contest for Educational Media in 2010.

Since it hit the airwaves in 2009, J’ai la mémoire qui tourne has won numerous awards, including the Boomerang Grand Prize in 2010. The series was also selected in five categories at the Gémeaux Awards Gala (Gemini Awards) in 2010, at the Banff World Media Festival (2010), and at the NUMIX Gala (2010–11) in the convergent media category.

MODELE PROFILE_photo 3In 2011, Maroist and Ruel received the Canada’s highest honor in the field of history, the Governor General’s History Award, also named The Pierre-Berton Award, for their multi-media project J’ai la mémoire qui tourne. The Award was given by the Governor General of Canada, the honorable David Johnston. The Pierre-Berton Award, in honor of the legendary Canadian host and historian, aims to highlight the excellence of the people who help to bring History to a wider audience.


In 2012, Productions de la Ruelle presented two feature length documentaries that had a great impact with both the media and the public.

In September, Gentilly Or Not To Be sparked a debate around the refurbishment of the Gentilly-2 power plant. The film revealed serious security and public health issues around the nuclear power plant.


After extensive media coverage and a heated debate, the investigative documentary contributed to the permanent closing of the power plant. The government had no choice but to give up this form of energy production. The film won two awards at the Gémeaux Gala (Gemini Awards) in 2013, for Best research and Best editing.

The film was later broadcasted around the World on TV5. It also toured in Universities across the country.

MODELE PROFILE_photo 4In November, Disunited States of Canada / Les États-Désunis du Canada, was launched on social media with an explosive trailer that was watched more than 140,000 times within a couple of hours. The film features Canadians from the West and from Newfoundland who don’t feel properly represented in Ottawa. The documentary received tremendous attention from the media and the public. The film aired on The Documentary Channel and Canal D. It won Best Documentary at the Gémeaux Awards Gala (Gemini Awards) in 2013. The film is now shown around the World on TV5.

Les États-Désunis du Canada became a popular book in French-Canada. Written by Guylaine Maroist and Mathieu-Robert Sauvé, it was published in 2014 by Quebec-Amerique.

An English version should be out in stores in fall of 2016 – Disunited States of Canada.

Disunited States of Canada / Les États-Désunis du Canada is now read and shown in schools across Canada with partners like CBC Curio, NFB, Quebec-Amerique and TV5 Monde.

In November 2014, Productions de la Ruelle presented God Save Justin Trudeau at the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM). The documentary film features MP Justin Trudeau and Senator Patrick Brazeau as they prepare for the boxing match that will change their lives. A metaphor for the ongoing political struggle between the Liberals and Conservatives since the founding of Canada, God Save Justin Trudeau is both an intimate portrait of a young politician and a prime example of politics as spectacle.

God Save Justin Trudeau (or How the MP for Papineau became Prime Minister of Canada) is nominated for 4 Gémeaux (Gemini Awards), including Best Documentary, Best Editing and Best Direction of Photography. It was shown as the kick-off film at Visions du Réel Film Festival in Switzerland and it won the Grand Jury Prize – VIFFF d’Or, at Vevey International Film Festival in Switzerland. The feature-length will also be shown in theaters across Canada in the ’’Punching for Power Tour‘’ starting at York University, in October 2015.

2015 also marks Productions de la Ruelle’s first year in exterior urban projections. The team will create content for the Quartier des Spectacles in Montreal for Les Journées de la Culture.

The creative team is also in pre-production for an urban projection installation. 375 Years of Us is a multi-screen immersive project that will be shown on sky scrapers of the landmark street “L’Avenue du Mont-Royal”, for Montreal’s 375th anniversary.

In 2017, Productions de la Ruelle invite us to relive Expo 67 in an entirely new way thanks to unprecedented access to over 80,000 archival documents from private and public collections, most of which have never been seen before, and uncensored accounts by the movers and shakers behind this success story. The grand premiere of the film is to be held on April 25, 2017 at the Théâtre Maisonneuve at Place des Arts during the 50th Anniversary Grand Celebration of Expo 67 – an event presented in partnership with the Society for the Celebrations of Montreal’s 375th Anniversary. The release of the film EXPO 67 MISSION IMPOSSIBLE marks the starting point of the mass online broadcast of never-before-seen content. For six months, the same duration as Expo, Productions de la Ruelle is offering full immersion into the greatest universal exposition of the 20th century: 186 days of archives in pictures, video footage and exclusive articles at www.expo-67.ca.


Productions de la Ruelle is presently working on a ten-part series with international partners to be broadcasted in Germany, France and Canada. This series will also have a strong transmedia experience. Also presently in production: 4 documentaries, two exhibits , one transmedia multi-platform documentary film, one book and a web platform for the music industry called MM.

Productions de la Ruelle is also actively engaged in one inter-provincial co-production for a eight-part documentary series and two international co-production for a ten-part series and a feature-length documentary films.

Productions de la Ruelle has developed the know-how to draw the public to the screen by creating media events and promoting their content through both social and traditional media. Their contents tends to have a huge impact in the media and on public opinion.

Guylaine Maroist


President, Productions de la Ruelle since 2002

President, Artists for Peace since 2013

Pugwash Member

For more information see Wikipedia

With degrees in law, film studies and musicology from the Université de Montréal, Guylaine Maroist is a journalist (Le Devoir) and radio/TV commentator (Radio-Canada and MusiMax) who has written and directed a number of TV documentaries on the history of popular music in Quebec (including over 70 Musicographies). As a researcher, she has collaborated on various projects, including the special program 50 ans de chansons (Zone Libre, Radio-Canada).

As an executive producer and scriptwriter, she worked on the TV biography of René Angélil (MusiMax), which was a huge success and was nominated for a Gémeaux Award.

Maroist is not only fascinated by visual archives but, a musician in her own right (Les Jaguars), she also has a keen interest in audio archives. Between 1996 and 2004, she searched the catalogues of several record companies (Universal, BMG, Disques Mérite, Musicor) and worked on more than 100 record compilations.

For the Festival coup de cœur francophone, she staged two shows: Chasse, pêche et rock ‘n’ roll (a tribute to Serge Deyglun) and Outrage to the Sinners, which made Le Devoir‘s top 10 shows of 2002 list.

As a journalist, she has also made incursions into the international political sphere, notably interviewing Yasser Arafat for La Presse in 1996.

She studied scriptwriting with Marcel Sabourin (Université de Montréal) and at the Directors Guild of America (DGA) in New York.

She co-founded Productions de la Ruelle in 2002 with Jean-François Perreault and Eric Ruel. As President of the entertainment company, she transformed the documentary film company in a full 360 degrees content producing farm. She now produces content for clients around the world – televisions, web platforms and apps, immersive installations, interactive platforms and contents, books and online educational tools. She is the recipient of the Governor General’s History Award in 2011, and has won numerous prizes including many Gémeaux Awards, one Gold Ribbon Award, one boomerang Award, two Grand Jury Prizes in International Festivals.

For more information, see Wikipedia

ERIC RUEL, Executive Vice President
Éric Ruel


Executive Vice President since 2004

– Gold Ribbon Award 2008

– Boomerang Award 2009

– Governor General’s History Award 2011

– Gemeaux Award 2013

– Ontario Premier’s Award for Excellence in Arts 2014

– VIFFF d’Or 2015

Eric Ruel initially got noticed for his editing skills while working for the National Film Board and CBC-Radio-Canada. He was involved in numerous documentary series, including Transit (NFB), entirely created from the NFB archives, which won the Award of Excellence at the AMTEC Media Festival in 2000. He also worked in the advertising industry in Montreal from 1996 to 2004. He collaborated to campaigns that received a Pro Max and BDA Award 2002-2003 for work done at Radio-Canada (CBC).

He co-founded Productions de la Ruelle in 2002 with Guylaine Maroist and Jean-François Perreault.

Since his association in Productions de la Ruelle, he received numerous Awards including the Governor General’s History Award, also known as The Pierre-Berton Award, the highest honor in the field of history in Canada, the Gold Ribbon Award from CAB/ACR in 2008, the Boomerang Grand Prize in 2009, 12 Gemini Awards (Prix Gémeaux) and nominations including winning the Awards for Best Documentary Film, Best Documentary Series, Best Director, Best Web Component/Multi-Platform project, Best Photography/Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Sound. In 2014, he was nominated for the Ontario Premier’s Award for Excellence in Arts. In 2015, he won the VIFFF d’Or in Vevey Switzerland.

SYLVAIN CORMIER, Content specialist


Content specialist

First and foremost, Sylvain Cormier is Montréal’s best and most-respected rock critic, and has been for 25 years. As senior music editor at Le Devoir, the only independent daily newspaper in the country, he’s reviewed all significant records and concerts, interviewed just about everybody (from local heroes to living legends, Paul McCartney included!), and his byline has appeared more than 5000 times. He’s the one that TV and radio stations call to comment on big events in pop-rock history and current music events. He’s been called on every industry jury you can think of. His reputation has crossed borders and oceans, and he’s been invited to music festivals all over the map.

He’s a journalist, but he could be called (and has been called) a master of the poetic prose. His readership follows him like they would a novelist giving us chapter upon chapter of a greater work. He’s got style and wit, rock stars become characters in his continuing story. And he’s got heart: one could say he’s the ultimate fan. A born-historian, he collects anything and everything concerning pop culture. Passion drives him, rock moves him, words flow from him. He’s got the beat, he’s got the storytelling bug.

Awards have been bestowed upon him throughout his illustrious career. University of Montreal (UQAM) has made him an Honor Graduate, for his outstanding level of craftsmanship and style in writing. Les FrancoFolies de Spa, one of Europe’s most important music festivals, has given him its Spa d’Or, for his major contribution in spreading the good word about Québec’s music in Belgium, and Belgian music in Québec. Most importantly, he has been one of very few entertainment journalists to be awarded by his peers the 2013 «Judith-Jasmin Prize», the province’s most prestigious and coveted prize in the written news field.

An integral and pivotal part of Productions de la Ruelle’s team, he is our resident storyteller, our in-house historian, the outfit’s main word man. He’s got a way with words. He writes unique and cool, literate and streetwise. He sets high standards, but speaks at heart to the common man. This is where the music man comes in: his words are made to be spoken, he breathes life and meaning and rhythm into them. Storytelling is Sylvain Cormier’s middle name.

His huge amateur films and home movies collection has been the starting point of J’ai la mémoire qui tourne, a twelve-part TV series he helped conceive and write as part of Productions de la Ruelle’s team. It’s his words, mainly, that give narrator Marcel Sabourin the feel and depth of every episode in this grand endeavor that encapsulates more than 80 years of Quebec’s private images and collective life.

Productions de la Ruelle has brought him on board for every documentary film and TV series it has produced since 2004, either as consultant, writer or idea man. He’s worked on L’été c’est pas juste Noël, Les États-Désunis du Canada, God Save Justin Trudeau, to name but a few. And, of course, J’ai la mémoire qui tourne. He’s even more involved in our ongoing projects, and feeds all future ones. At this time, his attention and talents are mostly tuned on Jukebox – La face B de l’industrie du disque, the ultimate inside story of Québec’s music industry’s pioneer days, which promises to be one of 2016’s great TV events, both in its scope, its intimate knowledge of the colorful characters and treatment savoir-faire.

Sylvain Cormier is Productions de la Ruelle’s ace in the hole, our official Content Specialist.

MARYSE BELLEMARE, Finance and Accountability

Maryse Bellemare_IMG_6855MARYSE BELLEMARE

Finance and Accountability

Maryse Bellemare has been working in the movie and television industry for almost 13 years.

She earned her Bachelor of Business Administration at HEC Montréal in 2007.

As early as 2002, she prepares the budget reports for cinema students at Concordia University. In 2003, Maryse is hired as an accounting assistant on a movie production. Since then, she has worked in an array of productions as an auditor before joining the Productions de la ruelle team in 2008.

MAUD ST-ONGE, Mutlimedia Producer & Art Director


Mutlimedia Producer & Art Director

Maud St-Onge worked nearly for 20 years as a producer and in multimedia advertising, first within Quebec advertising agencies before opening her own business. Brimming with creativity and with full mastery of the available technologies, she offers bold avenues for achieving the objectives of her projects.

Art direction, design and programming of websites, interactive animation, computer graphics, brand image design, multimedia projection and presentation, layout of printed advertising materials, marketing strategy, development of conventional and interactive communication plans; whatever the project, it reaches and exceeds the determined goals and objectives. Her several active years of experience make her a definite asset to any proposed business development.

Maud has been collaborating with Productions de la Ruelle since 2002. She counts or counted among her clients and partners, several firms: Caisses Populaires Desjardins, Julie Levasseur (artiste-joaillière), Toiture J. Corbeil et Fils, IDEA construction, Services Actuel, Transcontinental Interactif, les Rôtisseries St-Hubert, Complexes funéraires Yves Légaré, Club Piscine, la Corporation de la Salle André-Mathieu, Pâtisserie St-Martin, Promenades Drummondville, Fabelta, Canadian Academy of Homeopathy, Services Informatiques SYM, Spa Capillaire EGO, Julie Létourneux (artiste jazz), Groupe Maurice, Androïde, APOM, etc.