God Save Justin Trudeau

2015 | DOCUMENTARY | 81 minutes |

God Save Justin Trudeau is not a boxing movie. Nor an authorized biography. It’s a documentary about the art of politics in the 21st century.

God Save Justin Trudeau follows MP Justin Trudeau, the future Prime Minister of Canada, and Senator Patrick Brazeau as they train for the boxing match that will change their lives. A metaphor for the ongoing political struggle between the Liberals and Conservatives since the founding of Canada, God Save Justin Trudeau is both an intimate portrait of a young politician and a prime example of politics as a spectacle.

While attempting to draw connections between boxing and politics, filmmakers Guylaine Maroist and Eric Ruel captured far more than the charity event for which so much ink was spilled in Canadian media.

God Save Justin Trudeau, documentaire


  • 2015—VIFFF D’Or winner—Grand Jury Prize at the Vevey International Film Festival in Switzerland
  • 2015—Gemini Award nominee for Best Documentary
  • 2015—Gemini Award nominee for Best Director
  • 2015—Gemini Award nominee for Best Director of Photography
  • 2015—Gemini Award nominee for Best Editing
  • 2015—Presented for the pre-opening of the Visions du Réel festival in Switzerland, the official “Sesterce d’Argent” competition



Guylaine Maroist
Eric Ruel

Scritpwriter and narrator
Guylaine Maroist

Narration writer
Sylvain Cormier
Guylaine Maroist

Sylvain Cormier
Daniel Dupré
Martin Geoffroy
Ali Nestor Charles
Marcel Sabourin

Research and interviews
Guylaine Maroist

Director of photography
Jean-François Perreault
Eric Ruel

Additional camera
Geneviève Ringuet

Bernard Brault
Marie-Michèle Tremblay

Location sound
Daniel Ferland
Guylaine Maroist
Eric Ruel
Marc Tawil
Pascal Van Strydonck

Production / postproduction assistant
Étienne Bruyère
Brigitte DesRosiers
Mary Lou Maroist
Noémie Martineau

Online editor
Eric Ruel


Sound editor
Studio Interlock Audio – SIA
François Lacasse

Dialogue transcription
Carmen Desmeules

Valérie Palacio-Quintin
Vanessa Nicolai

Additional voices
Christine Boulet
Mario Simard

With the participation of
Brigitte M for the song God Save the King
and Richard Desrochers for God Save The Queen

Legal services
Carole Gingras

Funding consultant
Nathalie Petit

Production and postproduction accountant
Maryse Bellemare

Media Relations